Monday, July 28, 2008

1602.4 miles

If you ever need to know, it is 1602.4 miles from Childress, Tx to Des Moines, IA and back. Last Friday, the boys and I went to Wichita, KS to visit my mom. We had a wonderful time, RELAXING! There is something about visiting your mother. She cooks, cleans, takes care of the kids, entertains, and lets you sleep late. Thanks Mom for a wonderful time. On Tuesday, Trenton and I went to Des Moines, IA to visit my father who lives there for 7 months out of the year working. Trenton had a wonderful time working with my dad. I think he talked more than he worked, but Grandpa was glad to have him around! While Trent was off "working," my dad taught him how to ride a horse. Talk about giving me a heart attack! It's safe to say, horses to me are only good to bet on! (Not that I do that!) Kaleb stayed with my mom in Wichita. My mother said he was a different child when we're not around. I guess Trenton stresses him out. While in Des Moines, Dad took us to an amusement park. Trent had a blast riding the rides. We went on one ride where Trent said, "Wow, that made my pee pee tingle!" At that point, I had to agree. We traveled back to Wichita on Thursday. Friday was a day of relaxation before traveling home on Saturday. We're all glad to be back in C-town!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation Pictures


Let's just say-I loved going on vacation to San Antonio/Austin, but I'm so GLAD to be home again! Trying to relax away from home with a 1-year old can be stressful. Jay mentioned that our next family vacation will be when Kaleb is 4. (ha, ha)

While in San Antonio, we did lots of swimming and Sea World! We spent almost 11 hours at Sea World on Tuesday! What a day!! Highlights: feeding the dolphins, watching Shamu, riding Journey to Atlantis, touching/feeding stingrays, touching a shark, having fun at the water park, and dining with Shamu.

Wednesday, we went to Austin. The state puts Jay in the most marvelous hotels!! We get to tag along and swim. This year we stayed downtown on 8th street at the Omni! The pool was on the roof (pretty cool)! Thursday, I took the boys to San Marcos to shop!! I LOVE SAN MARCOS SHOPPING!!!

Funny story--knowing Kaleb was at his wits end, we decided to have an early supper. I'm thinking Mexican Food, Trent wants sea food, Jay just wants to get somewhere fast in the traffic. What's up with Austin traffic? Horrible!!! Anyway, Kaleb's already crying and Jay was sweating, so we stopped to eat at FURR'S! We went all the way to Austin to eat the wonderful food at---FURR's! Anyone knowing my husband Jay and his mood during stressful family situations can picture the scene and are already laughing by now!!! Trent thinks the place is cool because he can get his food in 5 minutes and we can all leave in 20. So, after eating with the gray-hairs, we all head back to the hotel and Kaleb's out for the night by 7:30!! FUN FAMILY VACATION!!!

We came home Friday-- to RELAX!

Jay's true vacation will be starting this Friday when I leave with the boys for Wichita/Des Moines to see my parents. Jay will be enjoying the quiet peaceful nights and lots of golf!!!