Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

BlOg BlOCk!!!

Seriously--All I really want to do is decorate my blog.  I've finally learned how to do the fancy header--Thanks Donna!!  

I have had a serious case of blog block.  I have enjoyed reading other people's blog (especially my sister's new blog) but I have anxiety when logging in-- even to comment.  Is is fear of failure, fear of not being able to update regularly, or perfection?  Do I need to make it funny, serious, insightful (I'm not really insightful) meaningful or inspirational?  Oh, the stress!  I think about silly things like, do I need a sign off, a cute little ending, because that would be really cute!  I DON'T KNOW, BUT IT'S CRAZY!!!!!  I've learned from reading other blogs that I need to look at it as a scrapbook or journal.  OKAY--I'll try!!

DVR--Love it!!  I'm catching up on all the TV programs I have been missing.  I now know what's happening on DAYS (awful, I know), Grey's, and Private Practice.  I now have 6 episode's of Thomas the Tank Engine readily available to show at any time without scratching DVDs--life is great!!!

Random thought---I think school should start at 9:30 every day!  That would be cool.  

Do pirates yell, " irrr"  or "arrr"  I usually have some kind of saying when teaching my phonics phonograms.  (ir, er, ur /  ar like in car)  So I'm teaching and I say,  "When you see the er, ir or ur in a word think irrr like a pirate."  Yep, I was proud of myself and thought it was kinda cute when a child in back blurts out, "I think a pirate says arrrr like in car."  Well, what do you think?!!

It's been a week, and I still have not got over my sinus (head cold) infection.  I still cannot hear well, and I feel as though I am talking through a tube!  I am SO ready to feel better.   
Thanks girls for the good time last Thursday night.  Mamma Mia soundtrack is now on my i-pod!!  It is so good for the soul to get out and be with friends!!

Kaleb's new saying-"no want to"  So I have taken it on as my mantra.  Grading--no want to,  washing laundry--no want to, cleaning house--no want to, going to school--no want to, update blog--no want to.  I then want to be sent to my chair to cry and kick my legs.  Afterwards, I want a red popsicle to make it all better!!  Ah--the life of a 22 month old!!

New Years Resolution #4--Update Blog more often.  CHECK--now I can go have my red popsicle!

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives!!!!