Saturday, June 6, 2009

The First Week of Summer

Fun in the Sun

I love the first week of summer best---the excitement over sleeping in (telling my husband "I'm not being lazy, I'm just decompressing!"), swimming, staying up late, enjoying my kids (by the end of the week I'm already yelling "Leave your brother alone" to both boys and wondering if they will ever quit pestering each other) and watching TV/Movies (Love the RedBox!!)

We started out the week with a friend sleeping over--Long/Hilarious Story:  THE SNAKE
Long story short--Deputy killed snake, Jared and Trent killed frog, & Jay laughing at my bravery!  ha, ha

This week we have been going to bed late, watching movies and sleeping in until 9ish!!  Trent got to visit all 3 swimming pools before getting grounded.  For the last 4 days we (funny how Kaleb and I have had to suffer through this also) have been sentenced to house arrest. Hopefully Trent will learn a great lesson because he has missed two birthday parties, friends asking to go swimming and playing outside.  :(  

Wait:  I did do something this week (sniff, sniff).  Cleaned Kaleb's room!!
Kaleb made the transition to big boy bed wonderfully!  Momma--not so well :(